Camping on the beach

Camping at Kings Beach in Broken Head. It was the most amazing experience ever.
A lot of tourists in Byron Bay don’t know this but only a 15 min drive from town is the most magical place on earth. This road called seven miles road in Broken Head. It’s a hill along the coast and has lots of national parks. I think 8-9. They are all very pretty. It is a good hike down but it’s totally worth it.
My first time camping and I absolutely loved it to pieces. Would do it again and again. The weather was perfect for it. The moon so bright you could see everything. Stars full of sky. Going to sleep star gazing and listening to the sound of ocean was just magnificent.
One of the best nights of my life.
The next morning I woke up and realized it was a gay nude beach. Sorry to disappoint ladies, the sight was not pretty. Although when you look at the ocean and see the beautiful blue water, it doesn’t matter anymore. The world seems perfect.



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