Quality of life in Sydney

Sydney is an amazing place to live in. When I first stepped into Sydney, I found it quite different than my home, Toronto. I wasn’t very happy with their downtown which they refer to as “city”. I thought it was very small and the buildings weren’t as pretty. In general I just didn’t get the downtown feel. Living there for a year definitely changed my perspective. There’s so much more to Sydney than just the “city”.



Meeting People

You will meet lots of travelers. Most of the Australians that live in Sydney are not even from Sydney. They are also not very social so you end up being friends with other travelers. I have made more English friends in Australia than Australian friends itself. People are friendly and ready to enjoy their lives.



There are beaches and bays and islands. On the weekends you just explore. It feels like a mini vacation because you get to do all these outdoor activities. A Canadian like myself would find it exotic because we don’t get to do much living in the cold and in Toronto. I love that we can use the Opal card and after your 8th ride of the week, all rides are free. Sundays are 2.50 all day. They call it Sunday fun day haha. It’s awesome! You can go as far as other cities in New South Wales. For instance, Kiama. It’s about a 3 hour commute.



My favourite spots were Manly beach, Watson’s Bay and boy, will I ever forget the coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee. It’s incredible and I never got bored of it no matter how many times I have done it.





Let’s talk about how easy it is to be employed in Sydney. Jobs are always available. I have been unemployed for 4 days at most. However here in Toronto it’s quite easy to be unemployed. 2 months is nothing apparently. Jobs are well paid and people are laid back. No one, like North America, are ripping their hair off to survive the week. People know how to live their lives and enjoy them. There’s a good balance. I enjoyed that very much.




How awesome is Sydney?


I think there’s anything and everything you need in Sydney. Well, besides snow of course. But I’m fine with that!
Walking down the street and see these pretty birds. Night life is incredible. So many bars and restaurants. So many places to see on the weekends.
I fell in love. Too bad I couldn’t stay there forever. If you get the chance, then I definitely recommend trying to live in Sydney. It’s a fun place to live and especially for young professionals.


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