Farming – Chapter 1 – Hunter Valley

My first farming experience was in Hunter Valley. I took the NSW public train from Sydney to Singleton. Three other fellow wwoofers came to pick me up and took me to this small town called Broke. The name might be misleading because I guarantee you that all the residents of this town are far from being broke (just a lame joke!).



Beautiful views


The main house is on top of the Hills and it has a beautiful view of the surrounding hills and valleys. Our cabins however, were on a higher surface. It was surrounded by trees. We didn’t really have much of a view from there but sometimes we would be able to see kangaroos really early in the morning. I’ve even seen big lizards called iguanas. They are like 5 ft or longer and basically look like baby crocodiles.

New friends



The dogs on the farm were very adorable, especially Albert. He was 2 years old at the time and completely fell in love with me. He would follow me around all day and even when I had to go to bed at night, he’d want to sleep inside my cabin. Although, just to be clear, that did not happen. I made sure I didn’t spoil him to that extent.



Playing with Albert!

Our typical days


Our days at the property were not that exciting. I mean, there’s an incredible view but how long can you really stare at it? My first job there was at a vineyard. Actually 3 vineyards that day. It was fun at first and then it just turned out to be a really long day. We went to different vineyards and picked different grapes. It was super hot and got really tiring. We even encountered spiders and webs inside of those grape vines. It was a bit scary!!! At the end of it, we got to wine taste from the vineyard we were working for. It was great!





Picking grapes!



Our farmer though, did take advantage of us. He was registered in WWOOF so that we could work on his farm and gain an experience from it. However, he is an owner of some cottages which he rents out in Singleton. Other than the contracted work for vineyards, he did not have an actual farm of his own. He may have had a garden where he grew vegetables for his salad but that was about it. Basically, we had to go to the cottages and do housekeeping work. We also cleaned up his house and outside doing weeding, whipping snipping grass, etc. We worked 8 hours a day and it was quite boring afterwards because we were literally in the middle of nowhere.



This is where the horses usually hung around. We also picked tomatoes and other vegetables from this garden. (Picture taken during sunset)

Time to go


Out of the 4 of us, 2 of the girls left. The 2 of us were stuck and it just kept getting worse because our farmer would get really cranky if something didn’t get done his way. His attitude made my co-wwoofer decide to leave and not do the farm work at all. I decided I had to leave as well, otherwise I’d be stuck on this huge property on my own.
Best decision ever made.

The main house


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