Volunteering in organic farms

WWOOF is Willing Workers on Organic Farms and it is an organization that allows farmers to take in travelers and offer them food and accommodation in exchange of working on their farms (volunteer). In Australia, most backpackers on their working holiday visa go for three months of farming to qualify for their second year visa. People can also go for fishing, mining, construction, but most travelers go for agriculture.
I chose to do WWOOF because I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from other fellow travelers about their paid farming experiences. People took 6-8 months yet didn’t complete their farming days. So I decided to volunteer because I knew it’s more likely that I won’t have the problem of getting laid off and would be done exactly in 3 months.
Oh the horror stories I have for you!  I went to Hunter Valley, Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay (all in New South Wales).
I will continue each destination in a different blog. Hope you enjoy!

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