The Byron Journey Begins

Everyone who knows me, or is on any of my social media account, is well aware of the fact that Byron Bay is MY LOVE. The love of my life. I have been posting pictures and bragging about it’s beauty like no tomorrow. So I can understand why people that know me would probably be so sick of Byron by now, that I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t read this blog at all! 


Where do I begin? I don’t even know. There’s so much that happened in those 2.5 months. Byron is not about the pretty face, it’s about the atmosphere, the environment, the love and joy you feel about life…all in it’s AIR. You might think I am going a bit overboard and sure, to each their own, but boy did I fall hard. You know when you fall in love for the first time and you feel butterflies and just ecstatic overall? Well, that’s Byron for me. If I could marry Byron and have babies with it, I would! 


Okay enough about my love, let’s talk about what led me to it. So I arrived there in the evening. It was pouring like madness. There was a cyclone approaching and my hostel was just next to the beach. Like literally. Outside of our room there was a hallway that led to a swimming pool and lounging area, followed by a backyard with hammocks which led to the back door which was the entrance to the beach! Ah-may-zing!


Unfortunately, because it rained and stormed so much, I couldn’t go to the beach until two days later. I did occasionally go out to get food. The town is pretty small but it has everything. It has a lot of restaurants and surprisingly of all kinds! For example, they have Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Persian, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Oh and Fish and Chips which is like everywhere in Australia!!! Byron also has a lot of small shops and lots of local bars with live band music. It is known to be the backpacker central of Australia. 


By the way, this was my first time at a hostel! I was super scared but I had no other option, considering I wasn’t employed and I wasn’t going to be working for 3 entire months! North Americans are not so keen about the hostel life, we are all about our luxury and staying at hotels/resorts. Well I can assure you that the hostel experience opened my eyes! I made a few friends, met many interesting and fun people. Learnt so much from them and didn’t feel lonely for even one second. 


On the second night, we went to this bar called “Cheeky Monkeys”. Oh Gosh, if I had a word to describe it! I can’t even. That is like the trashiest yet strangely the most fun place of Byron hahaha! If you’re in Byron and you want entertainment – GO TO CHEEKY’S! This place is a bar/restaurant and at night you will be dancing on those tables because guess what? there ain’t no dance floor! At first when anyone goes, USUALLY they just look at it and say “Nope, not happening. Not now. Not ever.” BUUUUT just give it 2-3 drinks and you’ll be up there like you’ve been doing this all your life! Enough about Cheeky’s… I guess that’s all you will remember from your nights there too. People. Dancing. On the table! Yup. Sounds about right. You will also remember the wet t-shirt contests, the bikini contests and some other really trashy events.
The following day I said hello to the beach and I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight but it was more like “Hmmm , I’d like to get to know you more!” The next couple of days were spent just hanging out inside the hostel because it was pouring like crazy. It was quite funny, we had a trend going there with everyone wearing plastic ponchos as raincoats. Usually people are in their shorts while at Byron. On my second last day, I made a day trip to the next town called Nimbin. Now this place needs a whole new blog so I will save that for later.


Well, this was my introduction to the lovely Byron Bay! While I was enjoying the rain, a peek of the beautiful beach, various types of food and Cheeky Monkey’s, I was also searching for a farmer to recruit me! Byron is quite a popular place and it’s very hard to find a farm to work at, because people just want to stay in Byron. It’s hard enough to find a place to rent in Byron. People live in their caravans because they don’t want to leave! So imagine finding a farm where you can live and eat at no cost. LUCKILY!!! I found a farm. Like, an ACTUAL farm to work on. I met this awesome farmer named Matthew, who later became a friend. I shall continue my farming stories in the next blog, or two, or I don’t know. There’s just too much to say about my Byron experience!!!

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