The Hippiest Aussie Town – Nimbin

Very close to Byron


Nimbin is 70 km West of Byron Bay, a small town in New South Wales. It’s super tiny. I didn’t get a chance to explore much of it as I went with a tour bus from Byron. There are different types of trips. One brings you right to the town of Nimbin, where you get to explore for 2-3 hours, the other ones usually take you to the falls and some sight-seeing, on your way to the town of Nimbin.




Very small


The town consists of little shops (mainly hemp), bakeries, a couple of bars, restaurants and maybe a couple of hostels but that’s pretty much it! You will also come across an “Art Gallery”. I found it quite amusing that at the entrance of this Gallery stood a big poster that said “If you voted for Tony Abbott, you are not welcome here.” For those of you who don’t know, Tony Abbott was the former Prime Minister of Australia. Let’s just say he doesn’t have many fans! Here is a video of Tony Abbott to give you a better sense of his brilliant character.


As we enter the Art Gallery, we notice a lot of art just scattered everywhere. We were then greeted by this nice and strange lady at reception. She told us that she sells art because she needs a license to SELL at the store, but what she really sells is (pulls out a bag out of her drawer and displays) cookies. These are cookies made of weed.


The hippiest


To give you a better idea of what Nimbin is about – it is the hippiest town of Australia. They love to grow their weed. They believe that weed should be legalized. There are several organic farms in Nimbin where many farmers grow weed in their farms. Nimbin and the surrounding areas are known as  the Rainbow region. I guess this could include Byron because I sense similar atmosphere, except in Nimbin, everyone is stoned. Like literally, when you’re walking down the street you smell weed everywhere and whoever approaches you is SO obviously dazed. Nimbin is known for it’s free spirit. If you’re ever there in May, it would be good to check out the MardiGrass festival. I was so close to going but unfortunately had a flight to catch. I heard fun things about this and you really get to experience the Nimbin culture at this festival.




When you’re walking down the street, don’t be surprised to see random people approaching you and whispering in your ears because they WILL try to sell you weed. It’s how they make their money. You can also openly smoke weed there and when you hear the word “TAXI” out loud, be aware that the cops are around! It’s their code word for “police” basically. Because let’s be serious, there is no taxi in Nimbin. Not a chance!


Day trip – Do it!


If you’re going on a day trip, a couple of hours are enough to explore the town. There’s not much going on. People normally just go there for the space brownies/cookies and of course the marijuana. I found it extremely hilarious that there is a night and day difference between people’s energy on their way to and from Nimbin. Everyone is initially so energetic and pumped to go on this trip when they get on the bus from Byron. On their way back however, people are completely stoned and you barely hear a sound on the bus haha!

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