At Your Own Risk

Today I flew a domestic flight within Canada for the first time. As excited as I was to get to Vancouver, I think my poor choice of airline took over my joy and replaced it with anger and frustration. I am writing this to share my experience with Sunwing Airline and because I care about my friends and family, I advise that you fly with this airline at your own risk.

Since I had no checked in luggage, I didn’t worry about getting to the airport 3 hours prior to departure. As I was on my way to Pearson Airport, I tried to check in online like I (and I’m sure most people) usually do. This was the result of my effort:

I get to the airport and there it was, the longest line you’d have ever seen in front of an airline counter. Since I didn’t have to check in any luggage, I tried to self check in through the kiosk. The kiosk was working fine but I was told by a Sunwing agent that it doesn’t work for Sunwing so everyone has to go through this line to check in. I waited for about 40 minutes. Finally when I get to the agent, he tells me that I have to pay for my carry on as a checked in luggage as I have my backpack and a backpack is considered a “carry on”. Never have I ever heard of this in my entire life. 

I travel quite a lot and backpacks are considered handbags. He said, “not for sunwing”. Well there you have it. Sketch. This explains why the airline didn’t have web or self check in options enabled. They want to tell you in person that you have to pay for your backpack, which almost every airline considers a “handbag”. You also have to pay if your carry on exceeds 5 kg. Your handbag has to be a small purse which cannot exceed 3 kg. 

For a “budget airline”, my domestic flight was quite expensive at $680 CAD and now to add to it, they are charging me for my carry on both ways. Note to self : NEVER AGAIN.


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